The Career Relaunch team of the University of St. Gallen has over a decade of experience equipping qualified professionals to return to work after a break or to reposition themselves on the job market.

In 2008, we launched the one-of-a-kind management programme «Women Back to Business», which has empowered nearly 400 women in Switzerland and abroad to relaunch their careers. 

We have now bundled this expertise into a single digital platform.

Our goals: 

  • to offer more resources to even more women and to men who are looking for a career restart,
  • to raise awareness among employers for the potential of highly qualified professionals with non-linear career paths, 
  • to promote the inclusion of diverse talent in the workforce. 
  • In addition to our flagship executive education programme for women, we now offer online resources, inspiration and training opportunities as well as coaching, networking events, and an annual conference.

Check out our platform regularly to find even more new offers to come!