Save the Date: Career Relaunch Conference 2023

2 June 2023

This was the Career Relaunch Conference 2022 - a day for inspiration!

Are you seeking to re-enter the workforce, reposition yourself professionally or start a completely new career?

The Career Relaunch Conference offers an exciting, diverse program with interesting presentations and discussions, valuable networking opportunities and many exciting focus sessions to get your career relaunch off to a great start.

Thanks to the speakers

Programme 18 January 2022

8:30 - 9:00 Log in, check the audio connection, and make yourself a tea or coffee

9:00 Welcome Speech

Would you like to try to re-enter the workforce, start an entirely new career or reposition yourself professionally? Let yourself be inspired at the Career Relaunch Conference and consider the next steps in your career. 

  • Dr. Stephanie Schoss, Director of Open Programmes, Executive School University of St.Gallen

  • Dr. Patricia Widmer, Programme Director Open Enrolment and Diversity, Executive School University of St.Gallen 

  • Sarah Lenz Schüpbach - Programme Director Career Relaunch & Diversity, Executive School University of St.Gallen

9:10 UBS opening

Unleash your potential, show your strengths and be ready to take off with us today.

  • Prof. Dr. Simone Westerfeld - Head Personal Banking, UBS

9:25 Speech

International perspective regarding labour market and career transitions

  • Cynthia Hansen - Managing Director, The Innovation Foundation (powered by Adecco)

9:40 Speech

Which competencies will be sought after in the futureHow can I prepare myself, and where and how can I reskill myself? 

  • Catrin Möhwald - COO & Chief Candidate Officer, Lionstep AG

  • Liza Follert - Head of Talent Acquisition, Helvetia 

10:00 Discussion

Career Comeback Programs – Success Stories across the globe.
For us, a career break has never been an obstacle. It ‘s a platform. A launch point for the next stage in your career – globally.

  • Bettina Gysi - Global Lead Career Comeback Program, UBS

  • Prashant Fasge - Regional Lead India / APAC Career Comeback Program, UBS

  • Amit Jain - Associate Programme Head, SPIMR Business School India

  • Dr. Ashita Agarwal, Programme Head SPIMR Business School India

10:20 Speech

Transferring your skills for a promising future: At CSL Behring we firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace elevates both employee performance and job satisfaction. This is why it is important for us to ensure we have a diverse slate of candidates for all job levels. A non-linear career can reveal a rich experience from which a company could leverage many benefits.

  • Patrick Plüss - Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Human Resources, CSL Behring


Making a career despite part-time work? Amazon Web Services in Switzerland shows how it's all possible.

  • Blandine Rageade, Territory Account Manager - Amazon Web Services

10:40 - 11:05 Let's have a coffee

11:05 Input Speech

What does it take to overcome obstacles and break barriers to pursue and achieve even the seemingly impossible goals? 

  • Monika Sattler - Talent & Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker

11:15 Interview

What do top athletes do after their time in professional sports? Only a few can live off their previous earnings.

  • What are the challenges after a career in professional sports?
  • What skills do top athletes bring to the job market that are in high demand?
  • What career opportunities are there for former top athletes?


  • Beni Huggel - Athletes Network

  • Julia Philipona - Athletes Network


Beni Huggel is a former professional footballer (including FC Basel and the Swiss national team).

Julia Philipona is a former member of the junior national cross-country skiing team.

11:30 Speech

Close to 37 years in the same company – this was not the plan. Through openness, flexibility and courage many things can happen – also in a large company like UBS.

  • Thomas Ulrich - Senior Policy Advisor, UBS

11:45 Speech

Re-entering the workforce: Challenges and opportunities for returnees and companies

  • Evelin Bermudez - President, CRN - Companies & Returnship Network

11:55 Speech

How does professional change happen in the second half of life and what can we as individuals, organizations and society contribute to it?

  • Vanessa Zeilfelder - Consulting & Project Management, Loopings


High potential parental leave

  • Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier - CEO & Founder, MyCollective

12:15 Speech

Covid 19 and equality: how organisations and individuals can contribute. 

  • Helena Trachsel - Head of the Gender Equality Unit, Canton Zurich

12:25 Award Ceremony

The University of St. Gallen, together with Avenir, has developed the "Career Empowerment" label to recognise companies and organisations that consider job seekers with non-linear career paths and value diverse team compositions. The label offers potential employees additional guidance in their job search.

  • Dr. Patricia Widmer - Programme Director Open Enrolment and Diversity, Executive School Universität St. Gallen

  • Dr. Barbara Künzle - Partner, Avenir Group

12:55 - 14:00 Let's have lunch

14:00 - 14:05

Dr. Patricia Widmer

Focus Session 1 - 14:05

14:05 Focus Session Auditorium & online

Investing your time, energy and skills as a volunteer can generate positive societal and environmental impact and is highly valuable for non-profits and beneficiaries. Yet the impact such engagement can have on the actual volunteer can easily be underestimated. Join us for a look at the (hidden) value of volunteering and how it can drive learning and even fuel your career relaunch.

  • Curdin Duschletta - Head Community Affairs & Foundations Switzerland, UBS

Focus Session 2 - 14:05

14:05 - 14:50 Job interviews: mastering them with success

  • Dr. Mike Widmer - Founder & Managing Partner, Aalto AG

Focus Session 3 - 14:05

14:05 Focus Session

A first impression happens fast, is irreversible & memorable. Let’s make it a positive and remarkable one! A session full tips and insights.

  • Anneke Ludwig-Bakker

14:50 - 15:10 Coffee Break

15:10 Interview

  • Dr. Patricia Widmer - Programme Director Open Enrolment and Diversity, Executive School University of St. Gallen


  • Christine Winston - Vice President of Programs, Path Forward

  • Leah Steinkirch - COO, Prowess Project

Focus Session 4 - 15:35

15:35 - 16:20

Success factors in wealth accumulation and estate planning during career breaks and part-time work.

  • Eveline Bösch - Teamleiterin Finanzplanung, Wealth Planning Zürich Credit Suisse

  • Sara Meier - Senior Inheritance Consultant, Wealth Planning Zürich Credit Suisse

Focus Session 5 - 15:35

15:35 - 16:20

Design your Life

Using design thinking, positive psychology, and behavioral economics to pro-actively shape the future. Based on the work of the Life Design Lab of the University of St. Gallen:

  • Dr. Sebastian Kernbach - Professor, University of St. Gallen

Focus Session 6 - 15:35

15:35 - 16:20

Would you like to re-enter the workforce after a family break or reposition yourself professionally? The University of St. Gallen’s Women Back to Business Programme accompanies you on this path while bringing your professional knowledge up to date. 

  • Kristin Fuchs - Programme Manager Open Enrolment Programmes, University St.Gallen


  • Denise Kurmann - Former WBB participant


  • Elisa Sadakhom - Former WBB participant



16:30 Closing


The conference will be held virtually.

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