This was the Career Relaunch Conference 2022 - a day for inspiration

Re-entry, professional repositioning or starting a completely new career?

These topics were the focus of our last Career Relaunch Conference. Participants enjoyed a diverse programme with interesting presentations and discussions, networking opportunities and many exciting focus sessions.

Our Review

Thanks to the speakers

Excerpts from the programme of the Career Relaunch Conference 2022.

  • International perspective regarding labour market and career transitions
  • Skills for tomorrow
  • Career Comeback Programs – Success Stories across the globe.
  • Transferring your skills for a promising future
  • Making a career despite part-time work?
  • A new career after professional sports
  • Inclusion with non-linear career
  • Re-entering the workforce: Challenges and opportunities for returnees and companies
  • Lifelong Loopings - professional development in the second half of life
  • High potential parental leave
  • Covid 19 and equality

Focus Session 1

14:05 Focus Session Auditorium & online

Investing your time, energy and skills as a volunteer can generate positive societal and environmental impact and is highly valuable for non-profits and beneficiaries. Yet the impact such engagement can have on the actual volunteer can easily be underestimated. Join us for a look at the (hidden) value of volunteering and how it can drive learning and even fuel your career relaunch.

  • Curdin Duschletta - Head Community Affairs & Foundations Switzerland, UBS

Focus Session 2

14:05 - 14:50 Job interviews: mastering them with success

  • Dr. Mike Widmer - Founder & Managing Partner, Aalto AG

Focus Session 3

14:05 Focus Session

A first impression happens fast, is irreversible & memorable. Let’s make it a positive and remarkable one! A session full tips and insights.

  • Anneke Ludwig-Bakker

15:10 Interview

  • Dr. Patricia Widmer - Programme Director Open Enrolment and Diversity, Executive School University of St. Gallen


  • Christine Winston - Vice President of Programs, Path Forward

  • Leah Steinkirch - COO, Prowess Project

Focus Session 4

15:35 - 16:20

Success factors in wealth accumulation and estate planning during career breaks and part-time work.

  • Eveline Bösch - Teamleiterin Finanzplanung, Wealth Planning Zürich Credit Suisse

  • Sara Meier - Senior Inheritance Consultant, Wealth Planning Zürich Credit Suisse

Focus Session 5

15:35 - 16:20

Design your Life

Using design thinking, positive psychology, and behavioral economics to pro-actively shape the future. Based on the work of the Life Design Lab of the University of St. Gallen:

  • Dr. Sebastian Kernbach - Professor, University of St. Gallen

Focus Session 6

15:35 - 16:20

Would you like to re-enter the workforce after a family break or reposition yourself professionally? The University of St. Gallen’s Women Back to Business Programme accompanies you on this path while bringing your professional knowledge up to date. 

  • Kristin Fuchs - Programme Manager Open Enrolment Programmes, University St.Gallen


  • Denise Kurmann - Former WBB participant


  • Elisa Sadakhom - Former WBB participant



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