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Re-entering the workforce after a longer career break or changing career tracks can be a challenging task. Where do I start? Do I have the right skills? How can I get invited to an interview?

The good news is: there’s no need to go it alone! Successfully navigate your new career journey with advice and focused skill training from the experts. On this site, you’ll find a growing collection of online training sessions designed especially for individuals who want to relaunch their careers.

Each training session features an expert in their field sharing a variety of tips, resources and proven advice to help you come one step closer to success. In contrast to the abundant number of videos available online, “Fit for Relaunch” training sessions contain additional resources and step-by-step assignments that put you in the driver’s seat and ensure a greater learning effect.

CHF 95.-

Course fee per training session

CHF 65.-

Course fee per training session for participants and alumnae of the CAS Programme in Management «Women Back to Business»

Each session takes approximately one hour to complete and is an independent learning journey that can be completed whenever, wherever, and reviewed as many times as you like.

Acquire new skills and inspiration and boost your self confidence with an online training session today! 


Online Training Sessions

Business Woman Klein

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Online Training

Make yourself shine online! Learn professional tips for the optimal design of your LinkedIn profile.

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Whats Your Story

How Do I Tell My Story?

Online Training

Learn to present your own career and professional goals in a meaningful and persuasive way in your CV.

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Diverse Business Women Klein

Communicate with Confidence

Online Training

Learn to communicate more confidently and enhance your personal impact. 

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Goodbye Comfort Zoneklein

Increase Your Visibility

Online Training

Get tips and inspiration to clearly position yourself professionally and confidently step out on your comfort zone.

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