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Diverse teams have a positive impact on the success of a company. Employees with non-straightforward CVs bring new ideas and different perspectives to a company. Have you already recognized the value of newcomers or career changers? Are you already involved in this area?

The University of St. Gallen, together with Avenir, has developed the "Career Empowerment" label to recognize companies and organizations that consider job seekers with non-linear career paths and value diverse team compositions. The label provides potential employees with additional guidance in their job search. The label will be awarded at the Career Relaunch conference on 2 June 2023.

Apply now for the label "Career Empowerment" of the University of St.Gallen and the Avenir Group.


Apply now

If your company is involved in the field of career re-entry or repositioning, you can apply for the label. One of the following criteria must apply to your company:

Companies that offer jobs or internships for people with career breaks and non-linear CVs.


Companies that offer standardised re-entry programmes.

Companies that have a contract as a partner company or collaboration partner of the "Women Back to Business" programme.

Companies that support and promote the compatibility of work and family.

There are a numerous benefits for your company

Boost for your corporate culture

The label is an obligation. It is intended to provide the impetus for your company to address, rethink and, if necessary, adapt its culture, values and processes (e.g. applications, recruitment, promotions, salaries, etc.).

The other employer branding

The label is an important factor in strong employer branding, for both job seekers as well as for employees. It underpins the image of a modern, responsible and agile company and can be used as both a marketing and communication tool.

«Orientation guide for job seekers.»

The label offers job seekers useful guidance in their search for the right employer.

You will find the most important information about the label summarised in our factsheet. Download the forms for proof of internships and jobs here.

Important information

You can register free of charge and without obligation at the link below. The registration deadline is 26 November 2021. Thereafter, representatives of the University of St.Gallen and Avenir Group will evaluate your company/organisation and your offer. The label will be awarded at the Career Relaunch Conference on 2 June 2023. You can then use the label for two years, and usage fee is CHF 1,500 per year. As a partner company of "Women Back to Business", the fee is waived. Apply now. Application deadline: End of April 2023. 

Interested in a partnership?

Within the framework of the "Women Back to Business" programme and our Career Relaunch Conference, we work closely with renowned companies. Are you interested in a partnership?


More information



Dr. Patricia Widmer, Programme Director for Diversity and Management Programmes 

Telefon: +41 71 224 75 35 

E-Mail: patricia.widmer(at) 

Dr. Barbara Künzle, Partner Avenir Group 

Telefon: +41 58 274 74 01 

E-Mail: barbara.kuenzle(at) 

The following companies possess the Career Empowerment Label since 2022:

The following companies possess the Career Empowerment Label since 2021: